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We are a company, but the words that best define us are Taste Explorers

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For over 30 years we have been researching and selecting for our customers the best of the gastronomy that our places are able to offer.

We operate mainly, but not only, in Tuscany and Umbria, where we are present in the territory, in the countryside, in the artisan shops, looking for small producers that we go to know personally to discover their history and passion. We test every single product trying to understand and evaluate the work methodology and quality.

Over the years, this long and wonderful research work has led us to open some direct sales points where you can buy selected products on the spot.

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Entering our stores, the shelves will tell you about the landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria.

On this site, in one place, you will find the most artisanal and genuine flavors. Each product will tell you its identity and its history.

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