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Prosciutto di Norcia PGI (Ham) – 9/10 kg approx


Prosciutto di Norcia PGI is obtained from the thighs of heavy adult pigs, excluding boars and sows, coming from cross-breed and selected white breeds. The processing takes place according to ancient methods, in the municipality of Norcia and in the neighboring localities, at an altitude above 500 m.s.l.

Our hams are aged for about 24 months to obtain a product of excellence. The weight of the Norcia ham after curing must not be less than 8.5 kg.

It has a much more pronounced pear shape, compared to other types of hams produced in Italy. It is entirely covered, on the lean part, with Sugna, for conservation, with the addition of ground black pepper, for conservation. When cut it has a compact appearance and a dark red / pink color depending on the seasoning. The scent is slightly spicy, the flavor delicate but savory, never too salty.

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PGI product (Protected Geographical Indication) from the area of ​​origin of Norcia and neighboring municipalities.

The strict disciplinary dictated by the Consortium on the use of raw materials and processing, guarantees the high quality of the ham which is branded on the rind with the Consortium brand.

The seasoning is 24 months.

The weight of the ham is about 9.5 kg.

N.B Before purchasing, you can request a copy of the product label that will be sent to you by email with ingredients and nutritional values.


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